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Custom Furniture


Leather and fabric

Choose from our multitude selection of upholstery that includes locally sourced and Italian selections.


Custom Size That Fits You

choose the right dimension for you and your house with IronWood Bespoke services.


Material Selection

IronWood offers an array of raw materials from German, Belgium and Swedish woods to Iron, Steel and Marble.

Custom Made Furniture

Custom Furniture Service from Iron Wood gives you many Options to choose from including but not limited to the following:

1- Choosing Materials.

2- Choosing the Dimensions that fits you.

3. Choose the color of the material.

To get a quotation kindly fill the form in this page and one of our team members will contact you within one or two business days. 

You will your custom Furniture within 20-35 Business days depending on the quantity and scale of the project.

Get a Quote

Please fill the form with details and we will contact you for a quote.

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